The Easter Shaman

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The Easter Shaman
During the early months of the year, there are two days (and only those two) in which the people of Fearûn who believe in it, might get the help of this wonderful creature when fighting in an encounter. While the Shaman itself remains hidden, he certainly is a presence, which can be felt by those, who believe in it. While it does not directly interfere with the world, it lays out eggs with his spirit companion, which many say - has the shape of a cute little bunny. Those friendly with the Shaman might get a boon if they can find the eggs, hidden by the sneaky little bunny.
Easter Shaman Tactics
The Easter Shaman hides himself magically from those who do not believe in him. Those who do believe, or know of his presence during this time of the year (the first Sunday, after the first full moon of spring) can try to detect his presence - but not many have seen him yet. The Shaman decides who is worthy of his presents and then summons his spirit bunny, which while sneaking around the battlefield in blurring speed, hides small, colored eggs. When one who is deemed worthy has found an egg - it is granted a boon by the Easter Shaman. If the Shaman is being attacked, it immediately vanishes and the eggs with it. The Easter Shaman can be found in nearly every Environment, but it appears more often near forests or in colorful green meadows.
Easter Shaman Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful skill check:
Religion DC25:
The Easter Shaman is said to be a magical creature, sent by the gods to celebrate the end of winter. While winter is always dark, cold and unpleasant, the eggs, as a symbol of life are colorfully painted by the Shaman in order to demonstrate the start of a new, colorful season.
Religion DC35:
The Easter Shaman is said to be a half-god of his own, which during spring makes his appearance in the world, so he is not forgotten. While he has no real loyal followers, the belief of Faerûns kids is strong and is helping him to return every spring.
History DC30:
For a long time, it was believed that the Easter Shamans spirit bunny is the actual force behind this whole spring festivity, where kids go out in the forest and search the grassland for colored eggs. Only a few centuries back, a wizard was able to find an Easter Shaman willing to communicate with him. He wrote the Shamans story inside a book and sent it to the university in Waterdeep, from where the myth of the Easter Bunny was quickly rewritten.
Easter Shaman Encounters
The Easter Shaman only appears during spring, roughly one week after the first full moon of spring. It only appears in encounters, where at least one of the participants believes in the Easter Shaman myth.

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