Nevitash de Raku, Assasin for Family and Friends

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Aus Mangel an Schlafmotivation hatte ich die Idee mir einen vollkommen zufälligen Character mit dem ddi Character Generator zu erstellen. Also die Rollenspielwürfel ausgepackt und angefangen. Zuerst Klasse (Assasine), dann Rasse (Kalashtar) und dann noch den Characterhintergrund und die Attribute. Das ganze habe ich nebenbei noch immer auf Twitter gepostet um Anregungen zu bekommen. Nun ist der Character fertig und aus den erwürfelten Infos bastelte ich eine Hintergrundgeschichte für diesen Character. Diese ist wie bereits gewohnt auf Englisch.

Because I could not sleep, I decided to take on the creation of a completely random Dungeons and Dragons 4e character with the ddi character Builder. Took out my Scarab Bloodblue Dice and posted simultaneosly on Twitter about creation progress. The first rolls decided the Class (out of 25 currently in the builder), which came out as an Assasin. The Race had me roll a Kalashtar. A psionic Race, which can communicate through telepathic ways. Very interesting from the start. Next up was getting a background, rolled it 6times with a D100 and lucky for me, i never rolled something that would deny the previous background "check". After rolling the Ability Scores for the character I had the first #WTF moment during this creation. Being Kalashtar get a +2 bonus to Wisdom and Charisma, the character turned out with 10,14,15,15,15,13,  giving me four times +2 modifiers and a +1 modifier. So my new Assasin can do nearly everything, but nothing really good. From the background I already had in mind for the character at this point I then chose Insight, Perception, Streetwise and Bluff as trained Skills. But let's not talk too much about the creation process, let me tell you the Story of Nevitash de Raku, Assasin for Family and Friends. Information: Ruuk, Master of Blades and Torture

"So you want to ask me to kill my foster father?" Nevitash leaned back in his chair and tried to read the features of the Half-Orc sitting opposite to him. He had some secret he hid from Nevi, and it was well hidden.
Ruuk grinned sheepishly at Nevi, laying his small black hand-crossbow on the table in the dwarvish inn, they chose as the appropiate place for their meeting. "Nevi, you know that your Father betrayed me and knowing that you don't care as much about your family as others, I wanted to make you an offer. One you can't simply refuse. You were found when you were just two months old, nobody knows your real parents, nor if you were even born on this plane. Your father raised you, but you were never like his own. He merely used you as a tool to bring justice to those, who would oppose him. I know you can read minds and what important role you had in your fathers business. He's now one of the biggest merchants in all of Baldur's Gate and wants to gain power by joining politics. I know he had to cut his bonds to me, but I am not one to be lightly pushed aside." Ruuk took another big draft of dwarven ale, while he studied Nevitash's reaction. Nevi remained calm and ran his fingers through his beard, giving a musing look. "I don't know. My father told me he does not need my services any longer and wants me to leave the city to "spread the families wealth elsewhere". It's not like i couldn't leave with a big load of gold and have a good life somewhere else." Ruuk's face went serious, and his response was as cold as a response can be: "Do you really think I would let you leave this city with the gold your father stole from me? Do you think me a fool, Nevi? I killed men in the Dungeons under Nageo, while you still shit in your pants and suckled on the tits of your foster mother. Either you're on my side on this, or you are against me, which would sadly force me to kill you, in a matter neither you, nor your father would like. I don't care for your fathers business here, I don't care for politics, but nobody crosses me like your father tried. And he will pay dearly for it." Nevitash just nods silently, still twirling his beard. Ruuk continued more calmly now: "I know you since you were 12 years old, I was a teacher and a friend to you - probably more than your father could've ever been. I know you got the brains to overcome this "family" crap your father is trying to sell you. Start being your own man now, and I will help you - I still got connections in the right places. I might even find a way for you to know your true parents - if you trust me. Do you trust me, Nevi?"
"I think it would be for the best if I trust you now, I helped my father to betray others too often to trust him now!" And with these words, Nevitash de Raku disappeared before Ruuk could even respond, but in Ruuk's mind formed a thought: "I will contact you, once I made my preparations."

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