A strange pair of skills...

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Part1: Ruuk, Master of Blades and Torture

Part2: Nevitash de Raku, Assasin for Family and Friends


The third part of my small Introduction Series about Ruuk's Quest for Vengeance figures Forgar (Deva Artificer) and his companion Mord (Half-Orc Barbarian). Hope you like it ;) Comments appreciated.





Forgar was not what you would think a Master Smith and Alchemist to be. From the first look, you'd see a very tall but very skinny person. You can see on his face the wisdom of a few generations, basically because he's a Deva - and he uses his experience well. Mord on the other hand is everything else than tall and skinny. He's rather small for a Half-Orc at 5'8" and while he's around 220 lbs he doesn't look the slightest like one of the most agile fighters there are - but Forgar hired him for a reason. Both enter the shady backally at the docks at sundown and Mord knocks on a small, mosscovered door. A small pair of eyes appears behind a shutter. "What's in ya mind?", can be heard in thick dwarven accent. "De Raku."

With a cracking sound two locks are opened and the door slides open. Behind it a dark, gloomy stairway leads to more darkness. The dwarven guard at the door is urging Mord and Forgar to enter and closes the door behind them swiftly. Forgar needs to duck down a bit in the small tunnel, that's only lit by a torch the dwarf is holding. It takes around five minutes going through the tunnels, ignoring any entrances to other tunnels - or at least it seems to Mord like they move straight through the system. They reach another door and the dwarf knocks on it with the handle of his club in rapid succession. Another lock is opened and another dwarf urges Forgar and his Bodyguard to enter.

Ruuk is sitting at a table in the far corner of the room. It's not big, but there is enough place in here for around 25 persons, while there is only Ruuk sitting there right now, with a dwarven barkeeper preparing a few mugs of ale. On the way to Ruuks table, Forgar feels a presence in the room and knows that Ruuk is not quite alone here. As he knows who most likely accompanied Ruuk, he's thinking of the corpse of a Kalashtar hanging from the gallows. Within seconds Nevitash appears on the chair to the left of Ruuk and smiles. "Greetings, Master Artificer Forgar. As I see your senses are as sharp as the weapons, you craft." It took only the blink of an eye and Mord was beside Nevitash and smacked one of his Craghammers against the chairs leg, which gave way and on the way down, Nevitash spilled all the ale he had in his mug. "Calm down, my friend ... you'll have enough time to split some heads soon enough!", Ruuk stopped Mord in his motion to bring down his second hammer on Nevi. Forgar smiled at his companion and signaled him to sit down on the only chair that was left. All the time since they arrived in the docks, Forgar has not said a single word. Now he thought it would be his time to say something. "Ruuk, you invited me here because you want my help. I figure since you're no longer in your old house in the more common area, and since Nevi's foster father has put out a big reward on the head of his own son for the murder of Ruuk de Raku. Now I see you both here, and I figure Nevi's father, the big politician, is the reason you'd need my help, isn't it?" - Ruuk nods silently and takes a mouthful of ale, befor he answers: "I was betrayed, but it was not only Nevi's father. I took on many jobs for the council of this city and with the knowledge I gained in the cellars below the city and from the people I tortured - I am the public enemy number one. Well, they crossed me and I need good friends, like you - to bring this whole thing down. First of all, I need someone with your skills for the more subtle missions I have planned. As an Alchemist you can help a lot and as I see, you also brought a friend, who seems eager to jump in a fight or two." ... "As for your payment and that of your friend here, I'm sure we can decide on something once I collected a few debts."

"Ruuk, we worked together a lot the last decade and I know what you're capable of. I'm in and will assist you in every way possible, even if it means I have to fight myself. My arcane arts might be a bit rusty, but then, death is nothing I have to fear and I was sitting around too long. I'm in. And so is my friend Mord." Mord nods grimly, still focusing his gaze on the likes of Nevitash, who's now standing at the wall by the table and reading Mord's mind: "I'm in, but don't let this Assasin try to cross me, or my hammers will shatter his skull before he even has the chance to do one of his mind tricks."

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