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Sunday 4 april 7 04 /04 /Apr. 22:52

The Easter Shaman
During the early months of the year, there are two days (and only those two) in which the people of Fearûn who believe in it, might get the help of this wonderful creature when fighting in an encounter. While the Shaman itself remains hidden, he certainly is a presence, which can be felt by those, who believe in it. While it does not directly interfere with the world, it lays out eggs with his spirit companion, which many say - has the shape of a cute little bunny. Those friendly with the Shaman might get a boon if they can find the eggs, hidden by the sneaky little bunny.
Easter Shaman Tactics
The Easter Shaman hides himself magically from those who do not believe in him. Those who do believe, or know of his presence during this time of the year (the first Sunday, after the first full moon of spring) can try to detect his presence - but not many have seen him yet. The Shaman decides who is worthy of his presents and then summons his spirit bunny, which while sneaking around the battlefield in blurring speed, hides small, colored eggs. When one who is deemed worthy has found an egg - it is granted a boon by the Easter Shaman. If the Shaman is being attacked, it immediately vanishes and the eggs with it. The Easter Shaman can be found in nearly every Environment, but it appears more often near forests or in colorful green meadows.
Easter Shaman Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful skill check:
Religion DC25:
The Easter Shaman is said to be a magical creature, sent by the gods to celebrate the end of winter. While winter is always dark, cold and unpleasant, the eggs, as a symbol of life are colorfully painted by the Shaman in order to demonstrate the start of a new, colorful season.
Religion DC35:
The Easter Shaman is said to be a half-god of his own, which during spring makes his appearance in the world, so he is not forgotten. While he has no real loyal followers, the belief of Faerûns kids is strong and is helping him to return every spring.
History DC30:
For a long time, it was believed that the Easter Shamans spirit bunny is the actual force behind this whole spring festivity, where kids go out in the forest and search the grassland for colored eggs. Only a few centuries back, a wizard was able to find an Easter Shaman willing to communicate with him. He wrote the Shamans story inside a book and sent it to the university in Waterdeep, from where the myth of the Easter Bunny was quickly rewritten.
Easter Shaman Encounters
The Easter Shaman only appears during spring, roughly one week after the first full moon of spring. It only appears in encounters, where at least one of the participants believes in the Easter Shaman myth.

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Tuesday 30 march 2 30 /03 /März 16:01

Part1: Ruuk, Master of Blades and Torture

Part2: Nevitash de Raku, Assasin for Family and Friends


The third part of my small Introduction Series about Ruuk's Quest for Vengeance figures Forgar (Deva Artificer) and his companion Mord (Half-Orc Barbarian). Hope you like it ;) Comments appreciated.





Forgar was not what you would think a Master Smith and Alchemist to be. From the first look, you'd see a very tall but very skinny person. You can see on his face the wisdom of a few generations, basically because he's a Deva - and he uses his experience well. Mord on the other hand is everything else than tall and skinny. He's rather small for a Half-Orc at 5'8" and while he's around 220 lbs he doesn't look the slightest like one of the most agile fighters there are - but Forgar hired him for a reason. Both enter the shady backally at the docks at sundown and Mord knocks on a small, mosscovered door. A small pair of eyes appears behind a shutter. "What's in ya mind?", can be heard in thick dwarven accent. "De Raku."

With a cracking sound two locks are opened and the door slides open. Behind it a dark, gloomy stairway leads to more darkness. The dwarven guard at the door is urging Mord and Forgar to enter and closes the door behind them swiftly. Forgar needs to duck down a bit in the small tunnel, that's only lit by a torch the dwarf is holding. It takes around five minutes going through the tunnels, ignoring any entrances to other tunnels - or at least it seems to Mord like they move straight through the system. They reach another door and the dwarf knocks on it with the handle of his club in rapid succession. Another lock is opened and another dwarf urges Forgar and his Bodyguard to enter.

Ruuk is sitting at a table in the far corner of the room. It's not big, but there is enough place in here for around 25 persons, while there is only Ruuk sitting there right now, with a dwarven barkeeper preparing a few mugs of ale. On the way to Ruuks table, Forgar feels a presence in the room and knows that Ruuk is not quite alone here. As he knows who most likely accompanied Ruuk, he's thinking of the corpse of a Kalashtar hanging from the gallows. Within seconds Nevitash appears on the chair to the left of Ruuk and smiles. "Greetings, Master Artificer Forgar. As I see your senses are as sharp as the weapons, you craft." It took only the blink of an eye and Mord was beside Nevitash and smacked one of his Craghammers against the chairs leg, which gave way and on the way down, Nevitash spilled all the ale he had in his mug. "Calm down, my friend ... you'll have enough time to split some heads soon enough!", Ruuk stopped Mord in his motion to bring down his second hammer on Nevi. Forgar smiled at his companion and signaled him to sit down on the only chair that was left. All the time since they arrived in the docks, Forgar has not said a single word. Now he thought it would be his time to say something. "Ruuk, you invited me here because you want my help. I figure since you're no longer in your old house in the more common area, and since Nevi's foster father has put out a big reward on the head of his own son for the murder of Ruuk de Raku. Now I see you both here, and I figure Nevi's father, the big politician, is the reason you'd need my help, isn't it?" - Ruuk nods silently and takes a mouthful of ale, befor he answers: "I was betrayed, but it was not only Nevi's father. I took on many jobs for the council of this city and with the knowledge I gained in the cellars below the city and from the people I tortured - I am the public enemy number one. Well, they crossed me and I need good friends, like you - to bring this whole thing down. First of all, I need someone with your skills for the more subtle missions I have planned. As an Alchemist you can help a lot and as I see, you also brought a friend, who seems eager to jump in a fight or two." ... "As for your payment and that of your friend here, I'm sure we can decide on something once I collected a few debts."

"Ruuk, we worked together a lot the last decade and I know what you're capable of. I'm in and will assist you in every way possible, even if it means I have to fight myself. My arcane arts might be a bit rusty, but then, death is nothing I have to fear and I was sitting around too long. I'm in. And so is my friend Mord." Mord nods grimly, still focusing his gaze on the likes of Nevitash, who's now standing at the wall by the table and reading Mord's mind: "I'm in, but don't let this Assasin try to cross me, or my hammers will shatter his skull before he even has the chance to do one of his mind tricks."

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Friday 26 march 5 26 /03 /März 00:00
Aus Mangel an Schlafmotivation hatte ich die Idee mir einen vollkommen zufälligen Character mit dem ddi Character Generator zu erstellen. Also die Rollenspielwürfel ausgepackt und angefangen. Zuerst Klasse (Assasine), dann Rasse (Kalashtar) und dann noch den Characterhintergrund und die Attribute. Das ganze habe ich nebenbei noch immer auf Twitter gepostet um Anregungen zu bekommen. Nun ist der Character fertig und aus den erwürfelten Infos bastelte ich eine Hintergrundgeschichte für diesen Character. Diese ist wie bereits gewohnt auf Englisch.

Because I could not sleep, I decided to take on the creation of a completely random Dungeons and Dragons 4e character with the ddi character Builder. Took out my Scarab Bloodblue Dice and posted simultaneosly on Twitter about creation progress. The first rolls decided the Class (out of 25 currently in the builder), which came out as an Assasin. The Race had me roll a Kalashtar. A psionic Race, which can communicate through telepathic ways. Very interesting from the start. Next up was getting a background, rolled it 6times with a D100 and lucky for me, i never rolled something that would deny the previous background "check". After rolling the Ability Scores for the character I had the first #WTF moment during this creation. Being Kalashtar get a +2 bonus to Wisdom and Charisma, the character turned out with 10,14,15,15,15,13,  giving me four times +2 modifiers and a +1 modifier. So my new Assasin can do nearly everything, but nothing really good. From the background I already had in mind for the character at this point I then chose Insight, Perception, Streetwise and Bluff as trained Skills. But let's not talk too much about the creation process, let me tell you the Story of Nevitash de Raku, Assasin for Family and Friends.

http://www.elogroalegre.com.ar/catalog/images/dados%20sets%20d7scarab%20blood.jpgPrevious Information: Ruuk, Master of Blades and Torture

"So you want to ask me to kill my foster father?" Nevitash leaned back in his chair and tried to read the features of the Half-Orc sitting opposite to him. He had some secret he hid from Nevi, and it was well hidden.
Ruuk grinned sheepishly at Nevi, laying his small black hand-crossbow on the table in the dwarvish inn, they chose as the appropiate place for their meeting. "Nevi, you know that your Father betrayed me and knowing that you don't care as much about your family as others, I wanted to make you an offer. One you can't simply refuse. You were found when you were just two months old, nobody knows your real parents, nor if you were even born on this plane. Your father raised you, but you were never like his own. He merely used you as a tool to bring justice to those, who would oppose him. I know you can read minds and what important role you had in your fathers business. He's now one of the biggest merchants in all of Baldur's Gate and wants to gain power by joining politics. I know he had to cut his bonds to me, but I am not one to be lightly pushed aside." Ruuk took another big draft of dwarven ale, while he studied Nevitash's reaction. Nevi remained calm and ran his fingers through his beard, giving a musing look. "I don't know. My father told me he does not need my services any longer and wants me to leave the city to "spread the families wealth elsewhere". It's not like i couldn't leave with a big load of gold and have a good life somewhere else." Ruuk's face went serious, and his response was as cold as a response can be: "Do you really think I would let you leave this city with the gold your father stole from me? Do you think me a fool, Nevi? I killed men in the Dungeons under Nageo, while you still shit in your pants and suckled on the tits of your foster mother. Either you're on my side on this, or you are against me, which would sadly force me to kill you, in a matter neither you, nor your father would like. I don't care for your fathers business here, I don't care for politics, but nobody crosses me like your father tried. And he will pay dearly for it." Nevitash just nods silently, still twirling his beard. Ruuk continued more calmly now: "I know you since you were 12 years old, I was a teacher and a friend to you - probably more than your father could've ever been. I know you got the brains to overcome this "family" crap your father is trying to sell you. Start being your own man now, and I will help you - I still got connections in the right places. I might even find a way for you to know your true parents - if you trust me. Do you trust me, Nevi?"
"I think it would be for the best if I trust you now, I helped my father to betray others too often to trust him now!" And with these words, Nevitash de Raku disappeared before Ruuk could even respond, but in Ruuk's mind formed a thought: "I will contact you, once I made my preparations."

That's the link to the Character on iPlay4e: link
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Sunday 21 march 7 21 /03 /März 20:05
Hab lange nix mehr hier geschrieben. Es ist viel passiert aber ich suche noch immer nen Job und hab zur Zeit einfach zu viel um die Ohren um hier regelmässig zu schreiben. Aber ich wollt euch hier an einem kleinen Ausschnitt aus dem Refrain eines Songs des rumänischen Hip-Hoppers Bitzâ teilhaben lassen.

Bitzâ - Ultima Suflare (dt.: Der letzte Atemzug)

Astazi poa' sa ti se para totul de cacat
Maine poate n-o sa vezi totul asa de deplasat
Tre' sa ai puterea sa mergi in continuare
Speranta iti ramane pan' la ultima suflare...

Heute kommt dir vielleicht alles vor wie Scheisse
Morgen siehst du vielleicht nicht Alles so fehl am Platze
Du musst die Kraft haben weiterzugehen
Die Hoffnung bleibt dir bis zum letzten Atemzug...

Today everything might seem like shit to you
Tomorrow you might not see everything that out of place
You gotta have the power to walk on
Hope remains until your last breath...

Was dieser Text für mich zu bedeuten hat, könnt ihr euch ja denken. Ich muss und werde weiterkämpfen, auch wenn es manchmal schlecht aussieht, so geht es doch weiter und man kämpft weiter und geht seinen Weg, und genau das habe ich vor. Ein weiterer kleiner Ausschnitt aus dem selben Song:

Sunt inca aprins,nu m-am stins
Si nici nu am de gand poti sa fi convins
Pentru mine nu exista:"Nu merg mai departe"
Nu las nici un om in spate

Ich brenne noch, hab mich nicht gelöscht
Und ich habs auch nicht vor, sei dir gewiss
Für mich gibt es kein: "Ich gehe nichtmehr weiter"
Ich lasse keinen zurück

I'm still on fire, I haven't extinguished myself
And it's not in my mind either, be assured of this
For me there's no: "I don't go on"
I'm not leaving anyone behind

Ich höre selten Hiphop, aber manchmal ist die Aussage ein gerne willkommener Hoffnungsschimmer für mich. Und natürlich hier auch nochmal der Youtube-link für Interessierte die sich den ganzen Song anhören wollen.

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Monday 1 march 1 01 /03 /März 20:52
Nachdem ich ein wenig heute im DND4e Universum rumgespukt habe und mir einen neuen Charakter mit Namen Ruuk überlegt habe, der von Beruf Schurke/Rogue ist und liebend gern Leute tötet und dem das Gesetz relativ egal ist... wollt ich hier mal meine Charakterbeschreibung auf Englisch posten - viel Spaß beim Lesen.

My name is Ruuk, born and raised in the City-State of Nageo. I was living there until my 21st birthday and training myself in the Arts of the Streets. Life wasn't easy and I learned quickly, that if you want something, you better take it before someone else does. By the age of sixteen, I already had my fair share of fight and made myself a name in the streets. No sane person would have tried to cross me, or those who picked up the remains off of those I left in my way. Shortly after my sixteenth birthday though, the Cities Council approached me with an offer i simply could not refuse. I was about to join the Kamestiri, the single most feared Warriors, who were there to protect Nageo from its enemies. I wasn't as much, I was hired as a Spy and Torturer, my lone job was to get information or supress information, which in the last case, most likely ended in the demise of the person who held the information. Many did I visit, many did I torture and life was easier while I was paid by the Council and didn't necessarily have to steal. By the time I turned twenty, I was approached by the local guild of assasins and offered a horrendous sum in order to kill one of my most loyal employers - the Head of the Council. Since I don't care as much about others, as I care about myself - I accepted and went to plan how I would achieve this feat without making myself a target. It took me nearly a year to finally fulfill my contract with the assasins and after they paid me and I made sure everything was in place for my leave - I ratted them out for killing the Head of Council and the kamestiri swept the place and every possible connection to me with it. I then boarded the first ship I could find and made my way to Baldur's Gate, where I wanted the money the guild offered me transfered to. A local merchant and friend, if you could call him like that, was keeping track of all the money I made with the various jobs and assignments. Two years later the Prince of Nageo was found dead, slain by a single crossbow bolt. It was not my doing, but I know the one who did the job, because I trained him. With the Council weakened and the Prince dead, with no heir to the throne - Nageo was quickly overtaken by their neighbours and the Kamestiri vanished and became more of a legend than a truth. I lived a great life with a lot comfort in it, beautiful women and had friends in high places. My only fault was, that i trusted the wrong people after so many years of being very patient in finding out who to befriend or not. One night few months ago, I was upset by 5 assasins, who came into my room at night. I still managed to fight them off but I knew this was the last day of my old life. I am forty-two now and not the youngest. Street Life was easier before but experience goes a long way. So I left my old life behind me and with only my old Kamestiri Uniform and Weapons out to new adventures. After all, I think you shouldn't rest for too long - and I did. Time to shake the rust off me.

Achso, und falls irgendjemand Interesse an Details zum Character hat: link <-- da findet man immer Updates etc. zu meinem Character, sobald er mal eine Rollenspielgruppe hat :-)
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